Lazy Days, easy summer cooking, is a complete collection of every recipe you will need for hot, lazy summer days, picnics, braais, afternoon teas and light summery dinners. Complete with the perfect sundowner drinks in the evening, Lazy Days is everything one will need and more for those summer days where “chilling” is the order of the day.

Lazy Days is the perfect holiday companion. Created in Cape Town, the chilled out vibes of Cape Town come through every page of lazy days, with recipes such as creamy mussel risotto, braaied crayfish and deep-fried calamari with lemon. Each recipe in Lazy Days makes one think of strolls along the beach, family games and afternoon naps. The food is simple and delicious and exactly what every holiday needs.

Lazy Days is divided into summer sections. The first section covers all things picnic with quick, light and simple recipes such as prawn mayo sandwiches, chorizo, sun-dried tomato and olive muffins and iced orange and cinnamon tea. Each recipe is simple to make with easy to follow instructions.

Lazy days then moves on to light lunches. Trying to figure out what to eat in summer normally feels as if you only have one of two choices. Salad or braai, however Lazy Days provides at least 15 light and fulling lunches, prefect for a hot day where the last place you want to be is in the kitchen.

For those of you who believe summer is not summer without spending every moment of sunshine around the braai with mates, there is a stunning section in Lazy Days just for you. Recipes such as grilled sweet peppers with olive pesto, beer chicken and braaied rib-eye steaks with avocado sauce will ensure that you are crowned Braai Master of summer.

The hassle of trying to figure out what to make on hot summer evenings is removed with Lazy Days. A large section of Lazy Days is dedicate to long, lazy summer dinners. Each recipe is light and refreshing and quick to make so you don’t end up sweating and slaving away in the kitchen. Steamed whole crayfish, roasted garlic prawns and roast chicken with plums, honey and rosemary are just a few of the recipes which Lazy Days offer.

As no meal is ever complete without desserts, no cookbook is finished without dessert recipes. Lazy Days has over 12 amazing summer desserts to choose from. Meringue with vanilla ice cream and summer fruits is Lazy Days winning recipe.

Lazy Days is the ideal summer cookbook for those with a love of food and sunshin.