The rest of the world calls it a BBQ, however here in South Africa we know that it is called a braai and BBQ is a flavour! This week we take a look at Reuben Riffel’s cook book Braai, Reuben on Fire. This is a cook book to which many South Africans can relate.  Braai, Reuben on Fire takes the good ‘ol fashioned braai to a whole new level in this exciting cookbook. Reuben Riffel shows us that there is so much more which can be done on a braai instead of just chops and wors. Reuben Riffel shows that almost anything can be done on a braai, from recipes such as chargrilled chocolate bunny (dark chocolate rabbit with dried prunes and peaches) to braai-mousse (oak smoked chocolate mousse with braaied bananas) Reuben Riffel has thought of it all.

Reuben Riffel was born and raised in Cape Town. In the introduction to Braai, Reuben on Fire, he has this to say: ” My first memories around braais are not based on some gourmet flashback or specific flavour so much as a sense of place and time.  What keeps coming back to me is that braaing is the ultimate way to cook. Social, primal and the most fun you can have with your clothes on as a South African – or anyone for that matter, it’s a skill worth perfecting.”

Reuben’s cookbook is not only full to the brim with exciting and fun recipes, but also with tips and tricks. He has even gone the extra mile by giving advice on which drinks go best with each dish. However, one of the greatest aspects of Braai, Reuben on Fire, is all the information which is provided in the beginning of the cookbook. Reuben gives a full break down of everything you will need before you get braaing. He calls this ” The essential 6″.

Complete with many hilarious stories of Reuben’s adventures and beautiful photographs, Braai, Reuben on Fire is a wonderful cook book that all South Africans should have on hand. This cookbook will make an excellent Christmas gift to a loved one or simply as a gift to yourself. Enjoy your summer time braais with this cookbook by your side and you will become the ultimate braai master at home!