In culinary terms, North Africa is referred to as Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia, with Egypt being regarded as part of the Middle East. These 3 countries have a strong culinary link, with their own rich distinctive cuisine, different to the rest of the Muslim world,  a blend of Arabic and Berber flavours.

It is most probably one of the oldest preserved cuisines of the Mediterranean world, with still today very few outside influences. Despite colonisation, North Africa retained its Arabic table, and not even the French who colonised Algeria for over 130 years, left any culinary influence of note.

Couscous is no doubt the single most important contribution that North Africa has made to world cuisine.

The crowning glory of North African cuisine is however, no doubt its flaky pastries. On the meat side is the pigeon or chicken pie, with a strong fruity sweet spiced sauce, cooked in butter and saffron, originating from the kitchens of Persia. On the sweet side, the coiled almond pastries.

The Moroccan kitchen is most probably the best known out of these three cuisines and World Kitchen Morocco gives the aspirant cook a great insight into some of the exotic dishes of north Africa.  It explores the whole culinary tradition of the country.  Over 150 recipes, many of them beautifully photographed, complemented by some great landscape photography take you on a mouthwatering food journey, from street food through to home kitchens and feasts.

At Wickedfood Cooking School we run a variety of North African cooking classes.  Many of the recipes used in our classes are featured in this book.  See our recipe of the week for a delicious hearty Moroccan soup.

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