“Cooking today is totally different from our great-grandmothers, or even grandmothers, both in quantity and style, but we should not allow ourselves to lose many of their flavoursome and economical adjuncts to the family meal” – Beryl Wood

Let’s Preserve It is a quaint and delightful encyclopedia that proves that practically anything can be turned into a tasty addition to the cook’s store cupboard. Originally published in 1970 this classic preserving guide has been republished years later and is still as valid now as it was then.  In this day and age where fast food and instant gratification is demanded, we forget to go back to the basics. Let’s Preserve It is a wonderful addition to your library for days when you simply want to be in the kitchen going at a slow and relaxed pace and yet still creating something delicious.

The layout of Let’s Preserve It one can call simple,  and yet it is this simple, clear and concise layout which draws you in. When reading Let’s Preserve It one gets the sense that they are getting a treasured lesson from their grandmother that will one day be passed down the generations.  The introduction to Let’s Preserve It gives a break down of everything you will need to know about preserving foods, through jams, jellies, pickles and curds.  Starting with the basic equipment that you will need, general cooking hints and points to remember.

Fill to the brim with recipes for jams, jellies, pickles and curds Let’s Preserve It is exactly an A-Z guide of recipes that you will need for preserving.  Beryl Wood also has a wicked sense of humour which is evident in her description of preparing to preserve, “Most of the above notes are really plain common sense and, basically, this is what preserving is all about, but it is sometimes a good thing to collect these ideas together in your own mind and then if the phone rings , the baby falls out the cot or you cut yourself, these are just little irritations you will take in your stride.”

Let’s Preserve It is a wonderful guide for anyone from seasoned chefs to kitchen novices. Perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon, and a wonderful addition to any kitchen.

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