Sping Rolls Vietnam

Vietnam has one of the richest and most varied cuisines in the world. With its great diversity of climate and terrain, it produces almost anything which can be eaten. Vietnam’s culinary traditions are relatively different to its neighbours. Being on the crossroads between north and southern Asia, it has a diversity of flavours, foods from the south are hotter than their northern cousins. The Mekong River, is a lifeline into the interior and through the river culinary traditions have spread. Through French colonization, a cooking style has developed that is impressive and distinctive.

Fresh salad leaves and herbs play an important part in everyday meals and are ever present on the table, often used as wraps together with rice paper, for morsels of fried or grilled meats and fish.

The Wickedfood team has spent collectively over two years in Southeast Asia, visiting the major cooking schools throughout the region, as well as spending numerous hours with street food vendors, learning the secrets of this intriguing cuisine. In this workshop, we will teach you how to make a variety of easy Vietnamese dishes, for a casual dinner party.

Included in the price are eats on arrival, extensive notes, and a delicious Middle Eastern mezze lunch at the end of the workshop.

The programme for the day is as follows:

  • 9:00am – Tea, coffee and home-made eats on arrival;
  • 9:30am – Introduction;
  • A practical hands-on demonstration on how to prepare;

Fried springrolls – a classic snack, wrapped in rice-paper;

Vietnamese salad platter – an integral part of most meals, often used as wraps;

Beef noodle soup (pho) – Vietnam’s meal-in-one national dish.

Caramel chicken – one of Vietnam’s great dishes, sweet and spicy braised chicken pieces;

Twice cooked eggplant – with garlic and basil;

River rice – cooked rice flavoured with lemongrass, shrimp and shallot paste;

Coconut crème caramel – originally French, but now a firm favourite with a delicate coconut flavour;

  • Sit down to enjoy the meal you have prepared.
  • ± 2pm depart.


When: Sunday 29 March at 9:30am

Where: Wickefood Earth Country Cooking School, Hekpoort, just 65km from Fourways in the beautiful Magalies Valley;

Cost: R495pp, No children under 16

To book: Contact Cilla on 076 236-2345 or cilla@wickedfood.co.za (terms and conditions apply)