Wickedfood Earth is in the process of creating a rural eco-sensitive environment:

  • incorporating renewable resource building methods;
  • farming in as natural an environment as is feasible;
  • researching the growing of indigenous and heirloom produce, together with free range livestock, and using them to produce unique products that are commercially viable on a small scale; and
  • educating the public as to the responsible use of sustainable resources.



Wickedfood Earth will achieve our vision by:

  • only introducing plants and vegetation that are indigenous or edible;
  • farming free range livestock with dignity in as natural and environmentally friendly as possible;
  • creating job opportunities and upliftment programmes for the local communities; and
  • building rural facilities that:
    • are ecologically sensitive to the environment;
    • can process vegetables, fruit, dairy and livestock in a preservative free, humane way;
    • incorporate a lecture hall, a test and teaching kitchen, dining area and accommodation facilities for both individuals and groups of consumers, so that we can impart the knowledge gained.