Wickedfood Cooking School  in Johannesburg, recently hosted members of Platinum Life to a fun morning of cooking. The participants had to first prepare the ingredients they were given using the recipes provided. We then cooked a 3-course meal consisting of 6 Middle Eastern themed dishes. The food came out really well and everyone was very impressed. The participants could not believe how easy it was to cook such delicious food. The cooks commented on the team building being a brilliant experience and looked forward to cooking again with Wickedfood cooking school in the not too distant future.


Wickedfood Cooking School also hosts cooking classes in Johannesburg for hobby cooks wanting to improve their kitchen knowledge. These cookery classes are a great way to learn new skills as well as meeting like-minded fellow cooks. Cooking class are scheduled every Monday at 6pm and booking is essential. Contact enquires@wickedfood.co.za for more information on these Johannesburg cooking classes.