Picnic Site 7


See below for Description, Location & Seating.


Picnic site 7 is located within our indigenous forest, within a shady cluster of different trees including a large Karee and a few White Stinkwoods (SA Tree No: 39 Celtis Africana, also known as Witstinkhout; umVumvu; uSinga lwesalukazi; Modutu; Mpopano). White Stinkwood is a beautiful deciduous tree that grows up to 25m tall. The leaves are simple, alternate, triangular in shape with three distinct veins from the base, and the margin is toothed for the upper two-thirds. The new leaves, which appear in spring, are bright, fresh green and hairy, turning darker green and becoming smoother as they mature. Flowers also appear in spring. They are small, greenish, star-like and inconspicuous. Separate male and female flowers are produced on the same tree. Masses of small, rounded, berry-like fruits appear from October to February, turning yellow-brown to black when ripe, attracting a variety of birds including rameron pigeons, willow warblers, black-eyed bulbuls, mousebirds and crested barbets. Many people believe that it has the power over evil and that pegs of wood driven into the ground will keep witches away. (Source http://pza.sanbi.org).


±500m flat walk from the main reception parking area and toilet facilities or ±100m walk from the closest dedicated parking area.


Up to 2 tables of 4 seats per table, total of 8 people.