Picnic Site 6


See below for Description, Location & Seating.


Picnic site 6 is located within our indigenous forest, it is a nice open spot under two massive Karee (SA Tree No: 386, Searsia Lancea, also known as Rooikaree, Mokalabata, Monhlohlo, Motshakhutshakhu, Inhlangutshane, Mosinabele, Mosilabele, Mosabele, Mosilabele, Mushakaladza, Umhlakotshane. The fruits at picnic site 6 are edible and were once used as an important ingredient of mead or honey beer. The word Karee is said to be the original Khoi word for mead. (Source http://pza.sanbi.org) The trees offer lots of heavy overhead shade, an ideal spot for larger groups of people. The spot is also close to one of the animal drinking troughs, which attract many birds throughout the day.


±500m flat walk from the main reception parking area and toilet facilities or ±90m walk from the closest dedicated parking area.


Up to 2 tables of 4 seats per table, a total of 8 people.