January 2015 – Classes in detail


Week 1 – 05 to 11 January

Monday 05 January at 6pm – The Naked Chef (R430pp). Stop making reservations, and start cooking dinner! Jamie Oliver introduces us to his concept of naked food, and shares his simple, feisty, and delicious recipes that combine bold flavours with fresh ingredients. Oliver’s cookbooks appeal to anyone who wants to prepare fantastic meals but doesn’t want to spend all night cooking. This cooking class proves that even kitchen novices can make delicious uncomplicated food.

•   Fresh tomato and sweet chilli soup – with basil and olive oil, fiery refreshing hot or cold soup.

•   Pasta with mushrooms – How to make pasta and a delicious mushroom sauce.

•   Perfect roast chicken – with fresh herbs.  

•   Easy roast potatoes – with onions and mushrooms, perfect with roasts.  

•   Braised cabbage with bacon and peas – ideal with roast chicken.

•   Roast butternut – a base for ravioli, or with roasts

•   Fruit crumble – quick and easy, with homemade custard.  


Week 2 – 12 to 18 January

Monday 12 January at 6pm – Southeast AsianThai Class (R430pp). Thai cuisine places emphasis on lightly prepared dishes with strong aromatic components. Thai cuisine is also known for being quite spicy as well as balancing the four fundamental taste senses in each dish or the overall meal: sour, sweet, salty, and (optional) bitter. Learn how to balance these tastes in this Southeast Asian, Thai cooking class.

•   Fried spare-ribs with garlic – delicious as a snack, also great for braaing.

•   Tom Yum – sour and spicy prawn soup, a Thai classic.

•   Yellow curry chicken – similar to Indian curries, with curry powder and potatoes.

•   Spicy glass noodle salad – quick last minute, with greens, tomato and minced pork.

•   Stir-fried noodles (Phat Thai) – one of Thailand’s best known noodle dishes.

•   Black rice with coconut – similar to American wild rice with vibrant colours.


Week 3 – 19 to 25 January

Monday 19 January at 6pm – Quick & easy 30 minute meals for entertaining (R430pp). This Gordon Ramsay cooking class is based on his book Cooking for Friends. Love him or hate him, he certainly knows his food. In this book, we see a very different side of him, more relaxed, cooking some best-loved versions of classic British dishes for family and friends. We reinterpret 6 of the dishes, all easy to make in under 30 and great for entertaining friends.

  • Chilled cucumber soup – mouth-watering cool soup easy to knock up in minutes
  • Linguine with lemon, feta and basil – light and zesty, ideal as a quick summer meal
  • Poached fish – with a creamy white wine and tarragon sauce
  • Quick fish curry – served with lime and coconut rice
  • Pork fillet stroganoff – an unfussy quick dish, with lots of flavour
  • Baked berries – with honey, almonds and cream


Week 4 – 26 January to 01 February

Monday 26 January at 6pm – Easy Entertaining Indian style (R430pp). Indian food is a diverse and extraordinary one, reflecting a complex layering of cultures through history and based on religious beliefs, geography, climate and availability of ingredients. India’s range of cuisine can amaze even a connoisseur. Different regions in India offer their own specialties with their very own taste, subtlety and aroma. The exotic tastes, hues and textures of Indian food have ensured a steady growth in popularity in the West. Join us in discovering these incredible dishes in our Indian cooking class.

•   Bhel puri – savoury morsels with rice, potatoes and green mangoes.

•   Lamb korma – mild slow cooked curry in an almond yoghurt sauce.

•   Shredded greens – quick dish ideal for any curry meal.

•   Potato and cauliflower curry – with ripe tomatoes.

•   Chicken pulao – fragrant meal-in-one dish.

•   Puris – deep fried unleavened bread.

•   Cheese balls in syrup – popular Indian sweet with milk solids boiled in syrup.


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