Wickedfood Cooking School in Johannesburg recently hosted members of Platinum Life to a morning of Thai cooking. The cooks were a bit nervous at first but as the introduction talk got under way, one could see the feeling of excitement grew. Most of these cooks had never visited Thailand and were very interested in the food they started to cook. As a team building activity the participants really enjoyed their time getting to know one another outside the office environment. The cooking class was a success as the cooked food was delicious.


Wickedfood Cooking School in Sandton, Sunninghill also teaches hobby cooks new cuisines and cooking skills. These cooking classes are scheduled to run every Monday at 6pm at the cooking school. These cooking lessons are hands-on where everyone gets a chance to see how to cook the dishes on the night. These cooking classes are perfect for any cook wanting to improve their skill set which will give one the confidence to cook the dishes learnt in the cooking class.