Wickedfood Cooking School is Johannesburg recently hosted members of Discovery to a Jamie Oliver inspired cooking class where all participants rolled up their sleeves and got involved to cook themselves a delicious 3-course meal. They participants made fresh pasta, roasted a chicken and made a wonderful fruit bake with custard. This team building cooking class is perfect for colleagues to mingle during an activity that is both fun and entertaining. This team building venue can host up to 60 participants but is a private event for your team building group. For more pictures from this cooking class, click here.


Wickedfood Cooking School in Sunninghill, Johannesburg also hosts cooking classes aimed at hobby cooks wanting to learn more about certain cuisines or brushing up on certain skills. Each cooking class is a complete module which consists of 6 dishes which the class cooks during the 3 and a half hour class. These cooking classes are perfect for beginners and novices. Our instructors are very helpful and there passion shines through. For more information on upcoming cooking classes, click here.