team building cooking class 4

Wickedfood Cooking School in Gauteng recently hosted members of Baker & McKenzie for a night of Italian cooking. This group cooking class was a great team building activity as participants were given the opportunity to mingle and chat to their colleagues in a fun, non-threatening environment. It wasn’t all fun and games as teams had to get their hands dirty and cook for their supper. It was a fierce cooking competition and thankfully all the food was presented very well at the end. Well done to the orange team for coming up as winners. For more pictures of this team building activity, click here.


Wickedfood Cooking School in Johannesburg also offers cooking classes to hobby cooks wanting to learn more about the kitchen. It shouldn’t be the scary room in the house, your kitchen should be somewhere where you can relax and chill out. Our recipes and cooking classes are designed to show you how easy it is to produce great tasting food without spending hours slaving away. For more information on these cooking classes, click here.