September 2017

Classes in detail

Week 1 (4th to 10th September)

 Saturday 9th September at 10am – Cake baking, the basics (R495 per person). Baking holds a certain mystique and is often associated with disastrous stories. Unlike most areas of cooking where just a basic knowledge of food science is sufficient, baking requires a broader understanding of food chemistry and how and why baking recipes work. Learn the secrets of 4 classic baking recipes to make with confidence as well as basic icing techniques.

  • Muffins – a great breakfast on snack standby and easy to freeze, we teach you all the secrets of making great muffins and haw to add different flavour combenations.
  • Cupcakes – a delicious alternative to conventional sponge cakes, ideal for kids and tea parties, to make last minute in the
  • Basic hot milk sponge cake – hot milk sponge cake, and icing ideas.
  • Black Forest chocolate cake – layered with cream and cherries, and covered in a chocolate frosting.
  • Icing techniques – how to ice cakes and cupcakes.


Week 3 (18th to 24th September)

Saturday 23rd September at 10am – Recipes You Need to Know How to Cook – Best Easy Chicken Recipes (495pp). We take you through the A to Z of cooking chicken, so that when combined you will have very good all-round kitchen skills as well as a good working knowledge of preparing a variety of classic chicken dishes to become competent cook.

  • Working with chicken – how to portion, break down and hand poultry.
  • Basic chicken cooking methods – an introduction to roasting, poaching, frying.
  • Poached whole chicken – how to keep the meat moist and dishes to use the meat in – Chicken á la king and a delicious caper and egg sauce.
  • Roast chicken – the perfect roast chicken, how to add flavour, and how to carve a chicken like a professional.
  • Chicken pot pie – a delicious quick, elegant meal to use up leftover chicken, in a rich creamy mushroom sauce.
  • Coq au vin – Classic French braised chicken in red wine with baby onions and mushrooms.
  • Classic fried chicken – the only fried chicken recipe you’ll ever need, in a crispy buttermilk batter, way better than bought fried chicken.


Week 4 (25th September to 1st October)

Saturday 30th September at 10am – Cooking for kids: Ages 2 through 5 (R495 per person). Rapid growth and development occurs during the preschool years, ages 2 through 5. A child grows about 5 to 8 cm and gains 2 to 3 kg’s each year. Proper nutrition and opportunities to play and be physically active are critical to ensuring your child grows properly, learns to enjoy nutritious foods, and adopts healthy behaviours for maximum development and lifelong health.

  • Yogurt & fruit popsicles – Kids & grown-ups will love making them almost as much as they love eating them!
  • Whole grain muffin with dry fruit – This quick snack freezes very well.
  • Homemade flapjacks with nut butter & banana – A great weekend breakfast that’s easy & fun.
  • Chicken Soup – The start of many combinations using chicken.
  • Fresh dips with cut vegetables – hummus and pesto with many variations
  • Mac & cheese variations – A classic kids meal that’s made in bulk.