“I am a home cook,” writes Diana Henry, and this is the approach she takes in Salt Sugar Smoke. “I have done everything in this book in a gentle way and didn’t spend much on new equipment.” Yet the results are glorious: sumptuous fruit jams and curds, savoury smoked meats and salted fish, and a very international lineup of condiments, syrups, alcohols, and pickles.

Salt Sugar Smoke is a wonderful collection of easy-to-follow recipes from Diana Henry. Each recipe is simple and easy to follow and provides the reader with a sense of guidance and calm, making each recipe a breeze and a pleasure to prepare.

Salt Sugar Smoke is divided into easy-to-follow sections which include: jellies, pastes, alcohols and vinegars to name just a few. Each section has an in-depth introduction which explains everything one will need to know regarding that section, including the  essentials one will need, the process to follow, storing and a wide range of uses. 

With over 200 recipes to choose from Salt Sugar Smoke may become overwhelming, however the comforting manner in which each recipe is written detracts from the overwhelming sensation of which recipe to use. There is a recipe not simply for every season, but one for every mood.  There are soothing jelly recipes such as rose petal jelly for when one is feeling romantic and more complicated recipes such as Japanese picked mackerel for when one is feeling m0re adventurous. As well many other recipes in between.

Complete with stunning photographs, which leaves one’s mouth watering, Salt Sugar Smoke is perfect for anyone who has a love for delicious meals and preserved foods.

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