There are nearly as many recipes for the perfect Xmas roast turkey there have been Christmases. Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, Wickedfood Cooking School went on the hunt on the Internet for some interesting ideas.


  1. If you’re looking for something simple, trying John Torodes Perfect roast turkey. With generous smear of butter and a few onions are all that are necessary in this easy recipe.
  2. For something a little more traditional, with a classic bread sauce, try Sophie Grigsons perfect Christmas turkey, which includes a step-by-step video recipe.
  3. And for all the bells an whistles try the Victorian Christmas roast turkey, with forcemeat stuffing and bread sauce, based on a recipe by Victorian cookery writer Eliza Acton.
  • Saveur is one of our favorite food websites.  They have 49 ideas.  Our favorites are:
  1. Leah Chase’s Roasted Turkey has astonishingly tender and juicy breast meat. The secret is to seal the bird in an oversize packet of aluminum foil, which locks in the moisture.
  2. Brining turkeys is the way the Wickedfood Cooking School directors do their turkeys. How does it work? Soaking the bird in a salty brine causes it to absorb some of the seasoned liquid, which breaks down the proteins and seals in flavor and moisture.
  3. Roast Turkey With Wild Rice Stuffing is a recipe from  Clementine Paddleford, an influential newspaper food editor and early champion of American cooking, a very different, but delicious stuffing.
  • Bon Appetit has over 80 ideas on how to cook the turkey.  This is our favorite:
  1. Kettle-Braaiing a turkey(or grilling as they refer to in the USA) is one of the great dark arts of holiday cooking. It is an excellent choice for those who like to spend time outside. It requires no skills beyond patience. The turkey ends up with a slightly more rustic flavor, smoky and rich.