Pasta is one of the most versatile food staples that most of us have a ready supply of in our pantry cupboard. It is generally a go to dish that we turn too when we do not feel inclined to cook. Although the debate still continues of who originally invented pasta, the Asians or the Italians, it is the Italians who have mastered the use of pasta and perfected and expanded the use of it in every day life, not simply as a go to meal, but also in creating new and exciting uses for it.

Centuries of Italian invention, industry, agriculture and politics have shaped pasta into its myrid of forms and flavours. The diversity of pasta comes from generations of recipes being passed from mother to daughter, neighbour to neighbour and town to town.

The Geometry of Pasta takes an in depth look at the many options one has when cooking pasta. Starting with the very basics, such as tomato sauces and butter and sage sauces, to more complex pasta shapes and dishes such as warming red pepper and whiskey sauce with radiatore pasta, The Geometry of Pasta covers over 100 different pasta shapes.

Written by Caz Hildebrand, a graphic designer, and Jacob Kenedy, the recipe designer and author, each bringing something unique and interesting to The Geometry of Pasta. Caz Hildebrand, with her graphic design background, has managed to incorporate contemporary art into the recipe book as each pasta shape is accompanied by a black and white abstract image of the pasta being used. This adds a unique touch to The Geometry of Pasta that one does not see in other recipe books.

The recipes themselves are written in clear and concise instructions, which makes the reader feel at ease when attempting the more complicated dishes in the recipe book. Jacob Kenedy has a wicked sense of humour which is found throughout The Geometry of Pasta which makes reading the recipes an absolute pleasure.

Nigella Lawson has called The Geometry of Pasta “Stylish and witty…. an instant classic” and Jamie Oliver has claimed ” Really delicious, authentic pasta recipes”. The Geometry of Pasta is a must have for any Pasta Lovers.

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