Claudia Roden's newest book, The Food of Spain, has recently been released. She travelled to every corner of the country in order to put out this 600-page textbook.
Tomato bread from Catalan, a verity of  gaspachos,  seafood paella and Almond cake, all the classics are there, as well as an exciting array of lesser-known dishes.  The book is also full of notes on everything from pastries and confectionery to the  hidden world of cloistered nuns.
You get history, geography, and culture plus recipes, all in one fascinating volume, a real tome of a book .

Born in Egypt, educated in Paris, and now based in the UK, Claudia has written several award-winning cookbooks including Arabesque, A Book of Middle Eastern Food, The Book of Jewish Food and The Food of Italy.

She is one of the foremost authorities on Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and North African cooking, and in The Food of Spain she brings her incomparable authenticity, vision, and immense knowledge to bear on the cuisines of Spain.

Spanish cuisine is at a critical moment. Claudia claims that Spain has transformed itself into the world’s effervescent centre of gastronomic creativity. Standing on a precipice, unsure of what lies ahead, is perhaps the best time to look backward. “You have to look into the past to understand Spain’s complex gastronomic map.” This book certainly captures that flavour, and will be a constant reference at Wickedfood Cooking School, when developing new Spanish cooking classes.

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