Terra Madre Day aims to raise the voice of good, clean and fair farmers and producers, chefs and consumers to promote a better, local food system. 
The 1st Terra Madre Day last year saw more than 1,000 events take place across 120 countries. This year, there are even more events planned in even more countries.

Slow Food Johannesburg will again participate by showcasing some of Gauteng’s most interesting producers, carefully selected in co-ordination with the Cheese Gourmet in Linden (cnr 3rd Ave/7th St) from 3-7pm on Friday 10th December. Brian and Jo, & Slow Food Johannesburg have chosen around 20 of the most promising local producers in and around Gauteng to showcase their products. You will have the chance to talk to them as well as sample and buy products.

What is Different this Year?

In keeping with how things are done at the Salone del Gusto in Turin, we have arranged to have the following activities and tastings:

  • Interactive taste experience at the Slow Food stand;
  • Product tastings with producers;
  • Slow Food talks;
  • 20 minute walk-abouts showcasing personal highlights;
  • Audiovisual corner;
  • Terra Madre & Salone Del Gusto exhibition;
  • Evening snacks & dinner from Cheese Cafe including their Italian experiences from their trip to the Salone: Polenta & Cheese fondue, Cheese & Honey and more.

Who is There?

  • Goat Peter – goats milk cheeses;
  • Pepe Charlot – New french style goats cheese producer;
  • Wickedfood Earth – Valley pickles & preserves;
  • Hayden – Biodynamic raspberry jams;
  • Jakhalskos – Nougat;
  • Rassie – Comb Honey;
  • Caroline – Raw honey & Mead;
  • Pam – Midlands homecured bacon;
  • Braeside Butchery – grass fed meats ;
  • Boo Prince – Dehydrated fruits and vegetables;
  • Bean There – Fair Trade Coffee;
  • Sugarbush bakery – Crispbreads & oatcakes;
  • Not Bread Alone – Breads and pastries;
  • Wine Tasting – TBA;
  • Slow Food – Taste Workshop & seasonal veg display;
  • Cheese Gourmet Selection – Green Goose Cheese, Weltevreden Figs, Rosehope preserves and Rusks.

What is Terra Madre?

The worldwide Terra Madre network is working to create an alternative model of food production and consumption, in line with Slow Food’s philosophy of good, clean and fair: good for our palate, clean for humans, animals and the environment, and fair for producers and consumers. It unites food communities, cooks, academics and youth from 160 countries who share a vision for food production rooted in local economies and with respect for the environment, traditional knowledge, biological diversity and taste. Whether it is creating school gardens or producing honey, safeguarding indigenous food varieties or creating new local markets, the daily work of the network’s small-scale farmers, fishers, breeders and artisan producers, as well as cooks, educators and youth are political acts for a better food future.