team building cooking class


Wickedfood Cooking School in Johannesburg recently spent the day cooking up a storm with RMB. The cooking class was made up of two groups cooking the same bunch of recipes. The cooking class theme was based around Indian cuisine. Each team cooked the exact same 6 dishes resulting in a 3 course meal. This team building cooking class was enjoyed by all who participated. These corporate cooks showed us a thing or two on how to cook with passion! For more pictures from this team building cooking class, click here.


These team building cooking classes are perfect for groups of colleagues to get to know each other in an environment that is relaxed, fun and informative. This team building idea is a great way of encouraging participants to mingle and work together to achieve a common goal. The goal is to have fun and this team building activity does just that. We also have have classes with a competition based element similar to MasterChef. Our take on the concept is referred to as Master Cook. For more info on team building cooking classes, click here.