Watermelon Konfyt


This is a South African classic. We have used one of the old heritage watermelon varieties, Makataan (Citrullus lanatus), an edible wild melon that is indigenous to the Southern African region. They have been cultivated in Southern Africa since pre-colonial times by the Khoe in their search for water-containing foods. This sweet preserve is with chunks of crunchy, fragrant, melon in a ginger syrup, with just a hint of sour to cut through the spicy sweetness.

At Wickedfood Earth Country Cooking School we produce two different watermelon konfyts:

  • Plain Watermelon Konfyt, with fresh turmeric;
  • Spicy hot Watermelon Konfyt, with  ginger, and a good kick of chilli for those that like it hot;

250ml Bottle

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Additional information

Spice Level

No Spice, Spicy Hot

Suggested Uses

As with all Konfyts, it is a classic on a cheeseboard. Also great for thinly sliced, on toast for breakfast. At the cooking school we cut it into small cubes to liven up a variety of dishes:

  • Drizzle over pumpkin fritters or flapjacks with crispy bacon;
  • Mix it into a roast pumpkin and beetroot salad, with toasted pumpkin seeds;
  • Fold a little finely chopped Konfyt into the filling of pumpkin or ricotta ravioli;
  • Use the spicy or chilli Pumpkin Konfyt for a delicious dip – cube and fold into equal quantities of smooth cottage and mayonnaise;
  • Use the syrup to glaze Xmas gammon or Kastler chops.
  • Sliced thin, it is perfect on a bacon, lettuce and cheese sandwich.


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