Spicy Thai Pork Sausage


Our South East Asian pork sausage comes from many years of research and trips to the region working alongside local artisan producers, using age-old processing methods. In Thailand, a popular hangover cure is a slice of this grilled sausage with a fresh birds eye chilli and clove of garlic stuffed into the middle. The sausage is spicy, with a good hit of chilli, lemongrass and coriander. 


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Our sausages are cereal and gluten free, have no fillers and are 100% pure veld raised meat. Most of the spices and herbs we use are grown on our farm. We do not use flavour enhancers, msg nor preservatives in our sausages.

Suggested recipes

Thai spicy sausage salad – A delicious healthy, summer salad we serve at Wickedfood Earth Country Cooking School. It is a perfect salad for those who like it hot. Best to serve the sausage braaied on a very low fire. Click here for the recipe.

Cooking Suggestions

This is the perfect braai sausage for those who like it spicy. Cook over a cool fire. In Thailand, it is sliced and added to a salad of Asian greens.