Sweet/Sour Pork


350g – serves 1

Serving suggestion: rice, egg noodles, cauliflower or potato mash, pumpkin fritters

Cooking method: Defrost and remove the lid. Heat in a microwave or over low heat on the stove in a pot.


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One of the all-time classic Chinese takeaway dishes that usually consists of deep-fried pork in bite-sized pieces, in a sticky sweet and sour sauce made of sugar, ketchup, white vinegar, and soy sauce, and additional ingredients including pineapple or other firm fruit, green pepper and onion. At Wickedfood Earth we give it our own special healthier spin. We make the sweet/sour sauce from scratch, using our own sweet heirloom tomatoes, cutting down on the sugar, and use our own veld raised pork. We don’t deep fry the meat in a batter, but rather brown it in a bit of our own lard, before cooking it low and slow in an unctuous farm-mad pork broth till tender. Then mix in our tomato sauce, vegetables, pineapple and peaches.

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