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Our Smooth Orange Marmalade has a strong citrus flavour, with small pieces of peel suspended in the jelly. It has a good sweet/sour balance and a slight hint of bitterness – a great breakfast marmalade, and also delicious to cook with. 

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Our Smooth Orange Marmalade, like most marmalades, is a clear sweetened jelly in which pieces of fruit and fruit rind are suspended. The citrus fruit pulp, pips, and peel, when boiled, give a jelly and are the most typical choice of fruit for a marmalade. Historically though the term has often been used for non-citrus preserves. Wickedfood Earth Farm is on the very edge of the Highveld/Bushveld Citrus growing area, with the famous Rex Union oranges being grown less than 50km from us. We source most of our citrus from a farm on the northern slopes of the Witwatersberg Mountains less than 1km from our gate. Here a unique microclimate allows them to grow citrus following strict organic principles. At Wickedfood Earth we use the fruit to make a delicious selection of marmalade, from smooth and clear, like this Smooth Orange Marmalade to fruity and chunky, like our Orange and Lemon Marmalade.

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Weight 500 g

Serving Suggestions

This Smooth Orange Marmalade is also great for:

  • Making a sticky marinade – mix with garlic and lemon juice, and rub over the chicken pieces, ribs, or a pork roast, allow to marinate overnight, then roast over coals on a kettle braai, or in an oven at 180°C.
  • On toast or scones with good butter;
  • Great for baking, fold a few tablespoons into sponge or carrot cake, or mix with dried fruit for fruit cakes, Chelsea buns and raisin loaves.
  • Add a half bottle to your favourite rusk recipe, and reduce the sugar by half for the best ever orange flavoured rusks.

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Berniec Eales
The best I have ever tasted

The orange lemon marmalade has the best balance between sweetness( sugar) and the fresh flavour of orange and the tartness of lemon.Well done Wickedfood!