Salami – Hunters Venison


This is a classic Venison salami, very popular in Italy especially during the hunting season when it is made, and also carried with the hunters as a snack. If correctly dried, it becomes a very dense chewy salami. In Italy, they are hanging in long ropes. We use a combination of venison and pork back fat.


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Salami – Hunters Venison and salami making in general, is a true artisanal skill, using similar techniques to those found in the making of sourdough bread, sauerkraut, kimchee, wine, and beer. Salami is a seemingly simple mixture of meat, fat, and aromatics, cured with salt, fermented, and then dried. It is the balance of these ingredients, quality of meat, and temperature control that is the true test. At Wickedfood Earth we believe we have produced a salami to be proud of – matured slowly for around 6 weeks in our drying fridges to concentrate the fabulous flavour of our veld raised meat. Salami – Hunters Venison is a great addition to a cheese and meat board.

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