Roasted Chilli, Red Pepper & tomato relish


This chunky roast tomato and pepper relish, similar to the Balkans Pindjur relish, is delicious. It is highly labour intensive, especially with regards to peeling the roasted vegetables. This relish is made by roasting or burning the vegetable skin which gives this sweet and tangy relish a pleasing smokiness. As the peppers we use are sweet and we harvest the tomatoes at the peek of their ripeness, the natural sugars in the fruit comes through (yes, peppers and tomatoes, are both botanically fruit, not vegetables).

This relish is on the mild side, delicious on a mezza platter with bread, or as a pasta sauce.

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At Wickedfood Earth Farm we bottle all excess fruit and vegetables at the peak of their ripeness. All our fruit and vegetables are grown along organic lines free of insecticides, fertilizers or any other poisons. We hand make a wide range of preserves, jams, chutneys, relishes, sauces and bottled fruit.