Pork Spicy Adobo Stew


350g – serves 1

Serving suggestion: Classically served with Mexican rice (rice cooked with tomatoes, onion & chillies), Also perfect filling for tacos, with a tomato and onion or, guacamole salsa on the side. Let your Mexican imagination run wild.

Cooking method: Defrost first, then in a pot, heat over low on a stovetop with the lid on until completely defrosted, stirring occasionally. Raise the heat, lift the lid and stir until the dish comes to a boil.

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Adobo Chilli Paste is the sauce that makes Mexican cuisine sing. It is used liberally as a marinade for slow-roasted meats. For the Adobo paste, we roast a blend of 8 different organically grown peppers and chillies to concentrate the flavours and give a pleasant smoky flavour. To build the flavour profile further, we add fresh garlic and a blend of spices and herbs, to create a delicious hot, salty paste. We use it to marinate the pork prior to cooking the meat in a Porter craft beer from local Blackhorse Brewery, mixed with our Peach BBQ Sauce. The resulting dish is smoky-sweet/sour flavour with a good chilli bite. Add more chilli if you like your dishes hot!


Additional information


350g, 400g


Pork shoulder/leg
Adobe sauce
Peach Chilli hot sauce
Peach BBQ sauce
WFE Pepper
Lemon juice

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