Mulberry Jam with Lemon


We make our jam smooth, filtering out the bigger seeds and adding a little lemon rind and juice, both for added flavour and to assist with the setting. 


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At Wickedfood Earth Farm we grow mulberries organically and harvest them at the peak of their ripeness. We then turn them into vinegar, by blending them with premium quality cider vinegar and sugar. We use no preservatives, artificial flavourants or colourants.

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125ml, 250ml

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Black (Morus nigra) mulberries are thought to have originated in the mountainous areas of Mesopotamia and Persia and are now widespread throughout the world. With a little coaxing, the fruit lends itself to delicious jams, popular in the whole Mesopotamia region and now around the world. Black mulberries are large and juicy, with balanced sweetness and tartness. They are high in vitamin C and iron. The black mulberry was imported into Britain in the 17th century and from there distributed to the colonies around the world. On Wickedfood Earth farm the trees serve a number of purposes. They are the first fruit of the season.  What we are unable to harvest falls to the ground as a special treat for our chickens. The leaves are enjoyed by the sheep, especially in autumn. And the long slender new season branches, used in the basket weaving industry, are used on the farm as lattices in the vegetable garden.