Tortillas & Toppings – Flavours of Mexico workshop


On Saturday, 24 October, we host a fun Mexican cooking workshop learning new skills – making different flavoured fresh corn and flour tortillas, with a selection of zingy fillings and salsas.

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At Wickedfood Earth Farm we grow a wide selection of Mexican vegetables. For the next two months they will be at the height of ripeness and it the perfect opportunity for us to share some of these ingredients and how to cook them, with you. In this Mexican cooking food workshop we concentrate on the fundamentals for perfect tacos:

  • Making different types of corn and flour tortillas from scratch;
  • Salsas – from classic tomato and onion to tomatillo and chilli;
  • Meat and Vegetarian fillings;

More about Mexican cuisine

Mexican cuisine is one of the 5 truly distinctive world cuisines. It’s a combination of the old and new world, Spanish traditions and little-known new world ingredients, with chilli usually close at hand. It is the new foods from Mexico and South America that have a lasting impression on the rest of the world – corn, beans, peanuts, potatoes, squashes, pumpkins, tomatoes, pineapples, guavas, papayas and avocado pears, and most importantly peppers, chillies, chocolate and vanilla. Corn has always been central to the cuisine with the tortilla as its centrepiece – the bread, plate and spoon all wrapped into one. Mexican cuisine is a bold cuisine that keeps the taste buds guessing and certainly a cuisine that once discovered is hard to resist.