Maize – Bloody Butcher corn


At Wickedfood Earth Farm we grow 4 varieties of non-GMO and open-pollinated Maize, especially for the organic seed industry. Each year we grow two varieties.

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A historical heirloom maize variety that has been cultivated by indigenous Americans for hundreds of years. It is non-GMO and open-pollinated that we’ve been growing at Wickedfood Earth Farm for the past 5 years. In the early 1800’s it was grown in the USA and became one of the staples during the years of the great depression. When fully ripened and dried it has dark red kernels.  Used for corn flour, corn meal or as a corn-on-cob when young. The meal is a lovely light pink colour and the pap when cooked, is light purple. As the young corn-on-the-cob the ears have a pleasing sweet flavour, and the kernels are white with a red dot. In the USA it’s also used for making various alcohols, from vodka and gin to bourbon and moonshine.

Noted as a drought-resistant variety that performs admirably in harsh conditions, Bloody Butcher grows a height of up to 2m with 1 to 2 very large ears. ±120 days to maturity.

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