Lamb tripe in Tomato sauce


350g – Serves 1

Serving suggestion: rice, couscous, quinoa, fat cakes or as a great banting/paleo option with cauliflower rice.

Cooking method: Defrost and remove the lid. Heat in a microwave or over low heat on the stove in a pot.

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Eating tripe supports the nose-to-tail consumption of animals, which cuts down on food waste. Because tripe is not as desirable as steak and other meat products, it’s a more affordable protein option for those trying to save money. Tripe is a tough meat that needs to be prepared properly to become edible. Our tripe is slowly stewed for around 12 hours in homemade lamb stock with tomato and onions. There has been a resurgence in eating organ meats due to the popularity of premodern eating patterns like the paleo diet. Tripe is low in calories yet rich in protein, vitamin B12, manganese, niacin (B3) zinc and selenium – nutrients that are lacking in many people’s diets. It’s low in calories. Your body needs protein for vital processes, such as cellular communication, fluid balance, immune system function and tissue repair and maintenance. Adding protein-rich foods to your diet is an excellent way to lose excess body fat or maintain a healthy weight. Protein is the most filling of all nutrients. Adding a protein source like tripe to meals and snacks can help reduce hunger, preventing the chances of overeating. Serve hot.