Lamb Tagine



Serving suggestion: Couscous, rice pasta, pasta, rice or mash

Cooking method: Defrost first, then in a pot, heat over low on a stovetop with the lid on until completely defrosted, stirring occasionally. Raise the heat, lift the lid and stir until the dish comes to a boil.

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For this sweet, rich Moroccan tagine classic, we use farm-raised indigenous Pedi lamb on the bone, which we first marinate in our own blend of freshly ground spices, including our own spice blend of Ras-el-hanout, for 24 hours. We then cook it in a farm-made lamb stock together with almonds, raisins and pomegranate syrup (which we make ourselves at the farm). Due to its richness, a little, with couscous, goes a long way especially if served with steamed vegetables.

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