Italian Pork Sausage


We use a classic Italian blend of herbs and spices for this pork sausage, including fennel seed which gives this sausage a lovely sweetness.

± 500g

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Our sausages are cereal and gluten free, have no fillers and are 100% pure veld raised meat. Most of the spices and herbs we use are grown on our farm. We do not use flavour enhancers, msg nor preservatives in our sausages.

Suggested recipes

For best ever bangers and mash – slice some onion and fry in a pan with the lid. Once translucent, place the sausage around the edge of the pan and fry for a few minutes on either side for a little colour. Add ±½ cup water, cover and simmer on very low for around 20 minutes. Remove the lid, increase the heat and cook until you have a sticky gravy. Serve with either cauliflower or potato mash.

Try it with one of our Wickedfood Cooking School recipes – Sausage and mushroom sauce, Pasta with Sausage and Cheese or Fettuccine with sausage & tomatoes.