Garlic Seed – Egyptian White


There is a big difference in the clove size hence the variant of 10 to 20 cloves per 50g pack. A firm white head with a good garlic flavour. Produces and stores very well. This is the garlic that is most often available in supermarkets. Ours however is far superior as it’s organically grown. The majority of supermarket garlic is imported and has to be irradiated, while a lot of the local supermarket garlic has been treated with a growth inhibitor for longer shelf life.

±12 cloves per head

R35 per ±50g = ±10 to 20 cloves

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Plant – March/April

Harvest  –  October/November.

Shelf life of harvested garlic ±6-month if harvested and stored correctly. 

Wickedfood Earth Farm garlic has become a highly sought-after product in South Africa, because of its high quality. We supply direct to consumers and to leading organic and health shops, as well as supplying organic, heirloom garlic seed stock to growers.

We grow 6 different varieties commercially, all with unique flavour profiles, from hot and very pungent, to sweet and mild. We are always on the lookout for different varieties, and in 2022 trailed a further 4 varieties, continually experimenting to see what grows best in our area as new varieties are released.

For seed garlic, we sell a combination of whole heads and loose cloves to get up to 50g per packet. Clove count is based on an average and may not be exact as the cloves vary in size.

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Weight 60 g

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