Chicken Red Chocolate Mole


350g – serves 1

Serving suggestion: Classically served with Mexican rice (rice cooked with tomatoes, onion & chillies), Also perfect filling for tacos, with a tomato and onion, sour cream, or guacamole salsa on the side. Let your Mexican imagination run wild

Cooking method: Defrost first, then heat in a microwave or fry in a pan, taking care not to overcook.

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Moles come in various flavours and ingredients, with chilli peppers as the common ingredient. This mole is a blend of tomato, red chilli and chocolate, in which the chicken is gently poached. Peas and corn are added to the dark red sauce. The dish originates from the 17th century and is served at festive occasions throughout Mexico. 


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350g, 400g


Chicken breasts
Tin corn
Frozen corn
Frozen Peas
Coriander fresh
Pork Red Chilli Mole sauce
Spicy Adobo sauce

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