Bresaola (Cured Beef)


Bresaola is a lean dried salted beef originating from the Valtellina, a long Alpine valley in the Lombardy region of Northern Italy. It is first dry cured with salt spices and a little red wine (no preservatives or nitrite/nitrate), before hanging in our temperature-controlled fridges for a minimum of three months until we loose a minimum of 40% of the original weight.


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We make our Bresaola at Wickedfood Earth Farm where we butcher locally and package all our meat in-house, which ensures complete traceability from veld to table. We run a small herd of cattle, sheep and Kolbroek. All the animals that we use are veld-raised, and completely free-range, using no routine antibiotics and growth hormones or stimulants. Due to our natural farming practises, our animals take on average, twice as long to reach maturity as factory-farmed animals. This means that the muscles of the animals get to work, which ensures added flavour. We Dry-age the carcasses in a controlled environment. The process allows the water in the meat to evaporate, by between 10% and 15%, thus concentrating the flavour. We vacuum seal and flash freeze our meat to lock in freshness at its peak. On top of this our meat is on average ±15% below the cost of comparative cuts found on leading supermarket shelves. Most of the spices and herbs we use for this Bresaola are grown on our farm and ground fresh.

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  • As an antipasto, bresaola is sliced paper-thin and served at room temperature or slightly chilled. Serve, drizzled with a good olive oil and lemon juice or balsamic vinegar, and rocket, cracked black pepper, and shavings of fresh Parmesan cheese.

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Ruth Pressler
Bresaola Cured Beef

The beef was thinly sliced and very tasty. It made an in ideal light lunch together with salad. I would definitely order it again.

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