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Blutwurst (Blood Sausage)


A Blutwurst or blood sausage is a sausage filled with blood, pork, and spices, that is cooked until it is thick enough to solidify when cooled. This is a typical northern European sausage eaten sliced like a salami. It has 3 ingredients, pork back fat, pork rind, and blood to which a few spices are added.



Our Blutwurst emulsified sausages are very light on the palate, very delicate, almost creamy, like a mousseline. An emulsified sausage is one in which water, seasoned meat, and fat are puréed until the fat is evenly suspended throughout the meat, a similar process to making mayonnaise. It is then stuffed into casings and poached very gently until fully cooked, then quickly chilled. This cooking solidifies the emulsion and to some extent helps to preserve it. Our Blutwurst emulsified sausages tend to be much lighter on the palate than commercial emulsified sausages, which are denser and usually almost rubbery in texture (due mainly to the meat by-products and additives, designed to prolong shelf life).

Additional information

Weight .300 kg


  • Ideally eaten cold as part of a cold meat platter, with pickled gherkins, onions, and a German mustard
  • Slice thinly on a sourdough bread sandwich with onion, tomato, and sliced pickles or a dollop of our Farmyard relish,


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