Aubergine and Szechuan pepper


Szechuan pepper is one of the most important spices used in the South Chinese kitchen. It has a powerful aroma and creates a unique numbing sensation in your mouth. Apart from being used whole for stir-fries, braised dishes and hot pot, ground Szechuan pepper plays an important role in seasoning Chinese sauces. It is often mixed with chilli and bean chilli pastes to further enhance sauces. We have based this recipe on the classic Szechuan spicy hot aubergine and pepper stir-fry. We braise the aubergine Szechuan-style with plenty of garlic, ginger, onion, a touch of sugar for sweetness and lots of heat. Perfect for those who like it hot. There are lots of notes in this dish, spicy, sweet, to a slightly fermented taste from soybean paste.


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This Aubergine and Szechuan pepper is made from the Wickedfood Earth Farm food gardens and orchards, which are planted with a wide variety of heirloom vegetables and herbs, and the extensive orchards have over 50 varieties of fruit and nut trees and berries. The Wickedfood Earth Farm food gardens are internationally recognized by Slow Food as an important educational garden. At Wickedfood Earth Country Cooking School we bottle all excess fruit and vegetables at the peak of their ripeness. All our fruit and vegetables are grown along organic lines, free of insecticides, fertilizers, or any other poisons. We hand-make small batches of a wide range of preservative-free preserves, jams, chutneys, relishes, sauces, and bottled fruit. This ensures that by not over-processing, the Aubergine and Szechuan pepper has a concentrated, natural flavour.


Additional information

Weight 500 g

Serving Suggestions

  • Mixing in with rice or noodles for a quick meal, add a fried egg and crispy bacon for a more hearty meal;
  • Serve on the side with any Asian meal as a condiment to add a bit of heat;
  • A tablespoon folded into any stew, or hearty soup will add a delicious bite.

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