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At Wickedfood Earth Farm we make a delicious selection of farm kitchen ready-to-eat frozen meals that are made with love and the best ingredients.

We use organically grown vegetables from our gardens and our own antibiotic-free veld-raised beef, lamb/mutton and pork. We also source fresh produce from local small-scale farmers in the area. All our dairy (butter, cream and milk) is locally purchased from Quiet Mountain, a small dairy in the Hekpoort area. We then take this produce and turn it into hearty frozen meals.

We don’t take short cuts, we cook over a gentle heat, often over a long period to keep all the goodness in. All our stocks are made from scratch, often cooking for up to two days. The same goes for our spice rubs, seasonings and curry pastes, which we roast, grind and mix ourselves. We don’t use artificial flavourings and bulking agents.

All income from the sale of the frozen meals, sauces and other produce goes back into the running costs of the farm and staff salaries during this difficult time. All the staff who wanted to stay in isolation have been moved onto the farm and kept safe, well-fed and above all, paid their normal wages. Over the lockdown period, the farm and the staff have been in complete isolation. When collecting produce and doing deliveries all possible precautions have been taken. We have all the relevant documentation to produce and deliver food products.

We are proud of the fact that we pay a fair price to our local small-scale suppliers, thus our prices fluctuate from week to week, as we make new batches. Our meals may not always be the cheapest on the shelf, but we believe they are fairly priced and we can guarantee they are packed with goodness and flavour.

Beef, Lamb & Chicken

Most of our chicken and lamb dishes use meat on the bone which ensures a deeper flavour to the finished dish. All our meat dishes can be heated in their original packaging in the oven (remove the white lid) unless otherwise stated. They can also be heated in a pot over low heat on the stove or heated in a suitable container in the microwave.