Pork&SonsThis interesting book is all about pork from day one when Stephane’s grandpa Barbe sat him down and showed him his first slaughter, not much has changed in the way Stephane slaughters his pigs in the last 30 years – maybe just that he’s allowed wine while he does it now.

Recently the Wickedfood chefs were given a detailed demo on how to butcher a wild pig and once you’ve actually done the work you realize that butchers (the true ones that can take a carcass apart like a true art) are very special people. I would even be so bold as to say that you could compare them to doctors – making sure every cut is perfect, no sinew, no excess fat, but enough to keep the meat from drying out, to making sure not one gram of tasty meat is wasted…a true art.

This book takes you on a well-guided tour of every use for pork from the simple but tasty dishes like fillet mignons with peanuts to the types of sausages made with pork and the differences between hams from Italy to hams from France.

Whether you are after a great insight into how pork products are made, and are interested in the lives of true masters of the art of butchering, or you’re just looking for a great cook book, this is definitely a great buy.

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