With Singapore’s vibrant mix of Chinese, Indians, Malays and a smattering of Europeans, it is little wonder that it offers some of the best street food in the world. Wickedfood Cooking School explores some of the cities mouthwatering flavours in its cooking classes.

This diversity has led to some deliciously mouthwatering dishes. Must tries while in Singapore include:

Char Kway Tiao is one of the favourite noodle dishes at hawker stallsEconomy rice – although it might sound cheap, it is a great choice if you are really starving. A bowl of rice, topped with various options of meats and vegetables, the most delicious is with steamed egg, and chicken fried in a prawn and sauce. Alternatively try it with squid cooked in chilli.

Mee Pok –one of the favourite noodle dishes at hawker stalls. These are flat noodles, either served dry, or in a tasty broth, with fish balls or other seafood, pork strips and vegetables, usually beansprouts, and plenty of chilli sauce.

Char Kway Tiao – stir fried noodles (traditional cooks still use lard), coated with dark sweet soya sauce and a choice toppings including clams, fish cakes, Chinese sausage and vegetables.Chicken rice is regarded as one of Singapore’s signature dishes

Chicken rice – regarded as one of Singapore’s signature dishes, the whole chicken is boiled in a complex stock, then cut into pieces. Portions are cut up into bite size pieces and served on a base of fragrant, flavoured rice and a sprinkling of sesame oil. Connoisseurs will demand specific cuts and eat the dish with a special chilli sauce which is said to bring out the flavour of the chicken.

Satay sellers with skewers of mutton, beef or chicken is grilled over charcoalSatay – skewers of mutton, beef or chicken, grilled over charcoal, usually accompanied by slices of cucumber and onion, and of course the spicy hot sweet peanut sauce.

Fish head curry – a fiery hot, sweet/sour coconut based curry, usually served with a whole fish head still intact. Although not for the fainthearted, gourmand’s will know that tastiest part of the fish is the head.

Roti prata and carry – watching the roti been made is a treat in itself as a better is poured on huge hot plates and then flipped and spun in the air to widen. Pieces of roti are torn off and dipped into a choice of delicious carries.

Laksa – broad rice noodles, smothered in a thick spicy, sweet, sour, coconut milk soup, and topped with either vegetables or a choice of seafood.No trip to Singapore would be complete without tackling crab at least once

Chilli or pepper crab – no trip to Singapore would be complete without tackling crab at least once. These succulent crustaceans, the tastiest flown in from Sri Lanka, are best eaten with shirtsleeves rolled up and a bib to protect your clothing, with a side order of steamed rolls to soak up the delicious juices.

Ice Kachang – jelly cubes, sweet red beans and corn kernels, topped with shaved ice, thick sweet fluorescent coloured syrups and condensed milk, a deliciously cooling dessert.

Tea-C – strong tea, sweetened with condensed milk, a popular drink at all the local coffee shops, and a must while in Singapore.

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