Wickedfood Earth is a community upliftment, self-sustainable lifestyle project. We have developed a self-sustaining lifestyle showcase subscribing to the ethos of “Responsible use of sustainable resources“.

Wickedfood Earth is made up of a Country Cooking School and Training Facility on a working farm:

  • Our vegetable gardens are planted with a wide variety of naturally grown produce and we have an extensive fruit and berry orchard. More….
  • Our animals, including pigs, indigenous sheep and cattle, are naturally veld-raised in small groups in large camps, which ensures that we are able to produce happy, healthy, flavorful meat.  More…

In recognition of the groundbreaking work that is being done on Wickedfood Earth Farm, Slow Food Johannesburg honoured Cilla and Mike with a Food Heroes Award for “development of rare breeds and education on sustainable food and farming.More….

Our 3 main operations: