Braaiing is part of our South African culture and now that the weather is warming up and summer is on the way, we will be finding ourselves having many weekends in the sun around the braai.

It is easy to make a braai day healthier by keeping these few tips in mind:

  1. Always choose lean meats and cut off all visible fats BEFORE cooking
  2. Use skinless chicken breasts and make your own kebabs with red peppers and oni on
  3. Add fish to the braai for a healthy alternative rich in Omega 3 oils
  4. Use raw veggies as snacks instead of the high fat chip alternative
  5. Roast your potatoes in foil on the coals and dress them with low fat cottage cheese
  6. Smoothies made with fresh fruits and fat free yogurt make for amazing healthy desserts
  7. Remember to drink lots of water while being out in the sun

Louise Bembridge

Registered Dietician

For more healthy braai tips or nutritional information contact Louise on