Think Master Chef with a fun twist. We supply an identical mystery basket of ingredients and recipes to each team and they then need to interpret them, come up with a 6 dish, 3-course meal, with side dishes, in a set time frame. Apart from the fun aspect, this is also a novel way of entertaining clients, a great form of team building, or ideal opportunity of assessing various staff members’ abilities to work together and solve common problems. Classes are a timed group activity with an emphasis on competition. Perfect for more experienced cooks and repeat clients wanting to challenge themselves as a group. 

Our classes are hands-on, where every person gets to participate in the preparation of the dishes. They are also a lot of fun where you not only learn new skills, but get to socialise. For corporate groups these classes are a novel way of creating staff interaction or entertaining clients.


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  • Participants are divided into 2 to 4 teams, each team consisting of between 8 and 15 participants. (We also have limited menus for up to 60 participants, contact the school for details);
  • Each team is colour coded by apron and counter, and has its own cooking station with identical implements, a 5-plate gas hob and oven;
  • On arrival, our instructor will run through the workings of the kitchen and judging criteria (see below), talk about the ingredients, and discuss recipe tips;
  • Participants will then separate into the various teams and be given 15 minutes to strategize, and then a maximum of 2 hours to prepare the meal;
  • We will provide each team with a counter assistant who will oversee the working of the equipment as well as assist with basic cooking techniques, and judge the teams’ progress;
  • Our head instructor will co-ordinate the cooking, and provide a pressure element, with the counter assistants, to the teams;
  • Once the time is up, our judging panel will choose the winning team – prizes are at the discretion of the client (we stock some great products, contact us for details);
  • Participants are then able to sit down and enjoy the meal they have prepared.
[/vc_toggle] [vc_toggle title=”Judging criteria” open=”false” width=”1/1″ el_position=”first last”] The whole idea of Wickedfood Cooking School is for participants to have a fun outing. Although we would like to create a competitive edge, it is not the intention of the school to place undue pressure on participants. Counter assistants will progressively make observations and score the team throughout the cooking period. At the end of the cooking, they, together with the instructor, will do an overall appraisal of each counter where they will look at amongst other things:

  • Ingredient and time usage;
  • Neatest workers;
  • Most creative dishes.
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  • All ingredients, notes and the use of our branded aprons. (We also have various coloured aprons for sale);
  • Limited soft drinks, and fruit juices. (See our terms and conditions below regarding alcohol)
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Hearty Home cooking(code mc HHC 3/1) – (R495 exc VAT per person) Halaal friendly.

Including 2 whole chickens, chickpeas, assorted salad greens, potatoes, vegetables, bread, lemons and eggs.


Italian(code mc It 3/3) – (R495 exc VAT per person) Halaal friendly.

Including tuna, grated pecorino, capers, anchovy, peppers, aubergines, eggs, polenta, chicken thighs, tinned tomatoes, aubergines, mushrooms, cauliflower, Arborio rice, frozen berries.


Thai(code mc Thai 3/1) – (R495 exc VAT per person) Halaal friendly (excluding beef).

Including chicken fillets, beef sirloin steaks, assorted salad greens, chillies, rice, chilli paste, coconut milk, springroll wrappers, sago, fruit, noodles.


Mexican – (code mc Mex. 3/2) – (R505 exc VAT per person).

Including minced beef, chicken, chilli, cheese, a basket of Mexican vegetables, tacos, tortillas, mushrooms and rice.
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By booking for a cooking class it is understood that these Terms and Conditions are understood and accepted by all participants, and that the booking agent or organizer of the group has explained these Terms and Conditions to all participants in the team building cooking class.


  1. Cooking class content may change from time to time. Apart from the above suggestions, we are also able to tailor-make cooking classes to suit clients’ individual needs at an additional cost.
  2. Unless otherwise indicated, all cooking classes have a maximum of 60 participants (4 counters).

Prior to arrival, Wickedfood Cooking School would ask the organiser of the team building activity to divide the group up into cooking teams (or we would be happy to do it randomly, at your request), as follows (should you wish to divide the cooking teams up into smaller groups for the team building, there will be a surcharge of R1 000 per counter to cover additional staff at Wickedfood Cooking School and operational costs):

  • 16 to 30 participants – 2 counters
  • 31 to 45 participants – 3 counters
  • 46 to 60 participants – 4 counters
  1. Wickedfood Cooking School in Johannesburg supplies all ingredients, extensive notes and the use of an apron to wear while cooking (we sell retail aprons @ R100 exc VAT per apron). At the end of the cooking class, clients are invited to sit down and enjoy the food they have prepared, an ideal way of interacting with each other and team building.
  2. See specially marked menus for halaal Please give at least 7 working days’ notice. Please note that due to the format of cooking classes, if halaal menus are chosen, the whole counter will need to use these ingredients, so put all the halaal participants in one cooking team. We can unfortunately not accommodate special dietary requirements and allergies. Please also note that in the majority of Thai and Southeast Asian dishes, the use of fish sauce for flavouring, cannot be substituted in these cooking classes.
  3. As these are hands-on cooking classes, Wickedfood Cooking School suggests that participants come comfortably dressed, preferably in jeans and T-shirt, with flat gym shoes, as leather soles are inclined to slip.
  4. Clients are welcome to bring their own beer, cider and wine only to the cooking classes (please deliver to the school premises in Sunninghill, Johannesburg– contact the cooking school prior to delivery for directions). By prior arrangement (minimum 7 working days), we can order in wine, beer and ciders from our local liquor store with an added handling fee. Please discuss when making your booking. The Cooking School does not have storage facilities at its Johannesburg Cooking studio and all deliveries must take place no more than one working day prior to the cooking event. If any alcohol is left over, collection must take place no more than one working day after the team building event. Any alcohol not collected on the day after the team building event will be disposed of. Please also note that Wickedfood Cooking School in Johannesburg only has very limited fridge facilities for chilling drinks, and clients are advised to supply ice and a storage container to chill drinks for larger team building groups.
  5. As all of our cooking classes are hands-on, our knives are sharp and we cook with gas, Wickedfood Cooking School needs to ensure that participants are in full control of their actions at all times during the team building. Spirits are not allowed to be consumed on the premises. All cooking participants are asked to refrain from consuming alcohol prior to the cooking class (any participants disregarding these stipulations, will be asked to terminate their participation immediately, and be removed from the property if necessary).
  6. The object of the cooking school is to teach cooking skills in a fun environment, and the emphasis is on hands-on cooking, having fun and socialising during a team build. To ensure that our instructors have control, we are unable to accommodate individuals who are rowdy and unruly as this inevitably leads to a breakdown of the cooking class creating an unpleasant environment for the rest of the team building group. We would look to the organizer of the team building group to make this clear to all participants and to control the team building group. The booking agent or organizer of the team building group will be held liable for costs arising from damages caused to property and equipment due to negligence on the part of unruly students.
  7. As these cooking classes are very popular we would suggest that clients book at their earliest convenience. To confirm bookings we would require a 50% non-refundable deposit within 3 days of booking, with the balance paid not later than 14 days prior to the team building event (cooking classes will not be run, and we reserve the right to re-sell the date, if full fees are not received 14 days prior). Once bookings have been confirmed, no changes to the dates will be considered if these changes are made less than 14 days prior to the original date, and no refunds will be considered. No refunds will be considered for a decrease in numbers within 7 working days of the booked date.
  8. In the event of a confirmed booking being cancelled by the client, they will be liable for all legal fees arising out of the non payment of the invoice.
  9. Cooking classes run in the mornings and afternoons from ±10h00 and in the afternoon/evening, starting at 16h00, 17h00 or 18h00, and run for approximately 3–3½ hours, including eating the meal prepared, at the end of the cooking class. A R30pp charge per hour (or part thereof) overtime levy will be added to all invoices where groups arrive late and/or stay longer than 3½ hours or later than 21h30 (prior arrangements must be made with the booking clerk prior to the function). Due to the high demand for the cooking school, cooking classes need to be turned around promptly, to enable our staff to set up for the next team building group. This may result in your class having to be cut prematurely short if your group arrives late for their team building cooking class.
  10. Although every precaution has been taken to ensure the safety of participants, their belongings and their vehicles, Wickedfood Cooking School and its staff cannot be held responsible for any injuries or other mishaps that may occur while on the premises in Johannesburg. By requesting an invoice to book a cooking class it is understood that these Terms and Conditions are understood, and accepted by all participants and that the booking agent or organizer of the team building group has explained these Terms and Conditions to all participants in the cooking class.