After scouring the internet to find out what’s hip and happening in the food world right now, we came across some very interesting topics which we share below:

1. Veggies Galore 0x600

Though most diners still eat meat, the vegan movement is affecting restaurant menus. A new study found one-third of restaurant chains now have at least one vegetarian entrée. That’s done so that a group eating out won’t veto their eatery because there’s nothing for the vegetarian in the group to eat. The current top vegetables appearing on restaurant menus? Onions and tomatoes.What’s up and coming? Foraged foods such as local mushrooms. Watch for vegetables to even turn up in cocktails.

2. Locally Sourced Everything

Diners increasingly crave food grown in their own region, rather than delicacies trucked or flown in from far-off locales. A recently released chef survey found local sourcing figured in four of the top ten trends. The hottest trend identified: Locally sourced meats and seafood, followed closely by locally grown produce. Major restaurant chains are already featuring local sourcing in their marketing.

3. Nuts

High-protein, healthy nuts and seeds are valued by carb-cutting diners for a healthy energy boost. A survey on snacking found 77 percent of Americans have nuts on hand at home, and incorporate them into all three meals. Watch for restaurants to do the same in 2014.

4. Upscale Comfort Food

In 2014, watch for old-time comfort foods done with more upscale ingredients. Highbrow versions of classic comfort foods are popping up all over menus, from appetizers to dessert.

5. Mashup Dishes

Ever had a dessert pizza, like a coconut-chocolate-with-strawberries pie pizza or the croissant-doughnut hybrid cronut or the doughnut-muffin hybrid, Duffin? These sort of “mutan morsels” are all the rage in 2014.