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Winter is drawing to an end and the last bite of cold is in the air.  If you have started to run out of soup recipes and ideas, you can click here for our soup recipes on our blog for inspiration. The Sunninghill school is now selling a wide range of products from Wickedfood Earth. These include atchars, chutneys, confies, marmalades, pickles, purées, relishes, and sauces. Also read below for more information on Wickedfood Earth Country Cooking School which is near completion.

We take a look at Salma Hage’s cookbook ‘The Lebanese Kitchen‘, which takes us into the heart of a Lebanese kitchen.

Our September individual class programme is now live on the website.  We offer a wide selection of cooking classes for the next few weeks, see our programme for August and September, or below for more details.

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Looking for info on food?

If you have any food-related questions, or a dish that you just can’t get right or even a certain recipe that you are looking for, but just can’t seem to find, then contact us and we will do our best to answer it as soon as possible. Click Here for more information. Hope to hear from you soon.

Wickedfood Cooking School news

Monday 02 September at 6pmGordon Ramsay’s Quick & easy 30 minute meals for entertaining (R430pp). This Gordon Ramsay cooking class is based on his book “Cooking for Friends.” Love him or hate him, he certainly knows his food. In this book, we see a very different side of him, more relaxed, cooking some best-loved versions of classic British dishes for family and friends. We re-interpret 6 of the dishes, all easy to make in under 30 minutes and great for entertaining friends, chilled cucumber soup; linguine with lemon, feta and basil; poached fish; quick fish curry; pork fillet stroganoff; and baked berries.

Sunday 08 September at 4pm Outdoor Cooking – Beef class (R430pp). Outdoor cooking is a South African heritage, learn the delicious secrets for cooking different beef cuts on Cadac kettlebraais and gas barbecues as well as delicious side dishes. Dishes covered in this class include spicy beef burgers, secret of cooking the ultimate steak, prime rib roast, and Béarnaise sauce.

Monday 09 September at 6pm – Thai Master class (R430pp). Thai cuisine places emphasis on lightly prepared dishes with strong aromatic components. Thai cuisine is also known for being quite spicy as well as balancing the four fundamental taste senses in each dish of the overall meal: sour, sweet, salty, hot and (optional) bitter. Learn how to balance these tastes in this Thai Master cooking class. Dishes include seafood soup, Boombai pork curry, baked pineapple rice and baked mung bean cakes.


Monday 16 September at 6pm Delicious ways of preparing seafood (R430pp). Nowadays, nearly everybody recognizes that fish is a good source of protein and rich in healthy oils. It cooks quickly and is very versatile, not to mention delicious and nutritious. Despite this growing popularity, most fish is still eaten out. Many cooks are simply reluctant to try cooking fish at home, and they are unsure about how to buy the right type and handle it properly. Our Seafood Cooking Class will equip you with information and facts and the confidence you need to start making fish a more regular part of your home cooking repertoire. 6 easy-to-prepare fish and shellfish dishes, including prawns peri-peri, mussels and braaied snoek, as well as accompanying sauces.

Sunninghill Corporate News

Wickedfood Cooking School Sunninghill in conjunction with Event Marche recently hosted Epson for a fun and interactive, hands-on cooking class. It proved to be a wonderful way to celebrate National Woman’s Day. They opted for the Thai menu and we had a blast cooking up a storm with them. Click here to see photos from the class.

It is getting to be that time of the year where planning an end of year function can be a trying ordeal. However Wickedfood Cooking school takes the hassle out of it with our exciting and interactive cooking classes. Wickedfood cooking school adds an element of fun and competition into our classes. We are open through out the year for team building exercises and corporate events.  Click here to read more about our team building and corporate classes.

Wickedfood Cooking School in the country

As mentioned in past newsletters Wickedfood Cooking School is expanding. We are in the process of building a  second school in the country, less than one hour’s drive from our present school in Sunninghilll.  The new school is being built as part of a community development project at Wickedfood Earth. We are looking at responsible and sustainable farming and consumption of locally-produced, seasonal food. The school is planned for opening in early October. We will be running a wide variety of  one-day and week-end classes for individuals, from basic cooking and understanding of food and flavours, to specialist skills including baking and cheese making.

In addition the facilities will also be available for corporate functions and team building. Apart from a specialist training kitchen, we  also have a fully fitted-out lecture room that will be able to handle up to 40 people.

The produce from the farm, is processed into a wide variety of jams, sauces, chutneys, sausages and bacon.  These products are now for sale at Wickedfood Cooking School in Sunninghill. Apart  from fruit and vegetables, we also have a diversity of livestock including a breeding programme of totally veld-raised free-range pigs. This pork is available through the school at Sunninghill.

Cookbook of the week

 The Lebanese Kitchen – Salma Hage

With over 500 recipes and the size of a large doorstop the “The Lebanese Kitchen” may seem slightly intimidating at first. However from the very first page, with a comforting layout and clear and concise instructions, one gets the feeling that Salma herself is sitting with you in your kitchen taking you through her beloved cookbook. Click here to read more.

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Food quote of the week

Seize the moment. Remember all those women on the ‘Titanic’ who waved off the dessert cart.” ― Erma Bombeck

Recipe of the week

Mini Lamb Kibbeh and yoghurt

Salma Hage’s recipe book ‘The Lebanese Kitchen’ is a wonderful trip into a classic Lebanese kitchen and all the fragrant and wonderful dishes which are created within. Opening this recipe book is like stepping straight into the heart of the Lebanese culture which revolves around food and family. Hage’s Mini Lamb Kibbeh and yoghurt recipe is as traditional Lebanese as turkey on Christmas day. Kibbeh, considered as the national dish of Lebanon is made of bulghur, minced onions and ground red meat. Kibbeh is a widespread favourite amongst the Levantine cuisine, including Syria, Palestine, Jordan, Cyprus and Turkey.

This involved recipe is worth the time it takes to create as each ingredient is added with love and patience and in the end it is enjoyed in the same manner as created. Click here for full recipe

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