Christmas Hams for Sale

At Wickedfood Earth we run free-range pigs as an important mix to our farming model. They live outdoors and are not confined in small cages or overcrowded barns. In addition to being able to forage in large camps, we supplement their diet with fresh vegetable offcuts supplied by the various packing houses in our area. This means that our animals are eating vegetables that are fresher than those available to the consumers on supermarket shelves.

We do not use routine antibiotics and growth hormones or stimulants. Due to our natural farming practises, our animals take on average, twice as long to reach maturity as factory-farmed animals. This means that the muscles of the animals get to work, which ensures added flavour. Free-range pork is something very special and unique. The meat has exquisite flavour and colour, and superior texture with crunchy crackling.


Whole Xmas hams

At Wickedfood Earth Farm, we produce two very different hams for Christmas:

  • Ham Mustard GlazedBrined green ham (gammon) –  A pork leg that has been cured in a brine solution and sometimes cold smoked. This ham first needs to be boiled, before it is brushed with a glaze and then roasted in the oven. Our brined uncooked hams are between 3,5 and 6kg each, at R140/kg;

ham smoked 1

  • Hot smoked cured ham –  Cured in a brine, as above, and then hot smoked. They are already cooked, and are delicious served cold, with either a mustard sauce, sweet pickle or marjoram salsa. These hot smoked hams are between ±2,2kg and ±4,5kg, at R150/kg.

All our hams are vacuumed and flash frozen to lock in flavour, perfect for a hot Xmas day. Our hams have no preservatives, or liquid smoke (limited numbers for delivery early December – contact me asap to place an order together with approximate size)

Order – Mike, 060 761-0885,


Xmas cooking class – cooking the perfect ham

 Sunday 20th December at 9:00am – Cooking for Christmas Workshop

Wickedfood Earth Country Cooking School will guide you through a number of delicious dishes that you can make ahead of time, thus releasing you from the kitchen to enjoy the celebrations with the rest of the family and friends. Dishes that will be covered in this cooking workshop include de-boned stuffed chicken, the perfectly cooked Christmas hams and  sauces, tomato and basil tart, and two very different Xmas desserts. More…..


Glazed gammon

If you feel the festive season is incomplete without a gammon, this preparation is guaranteed to be successful. Serve hot or cold with our delicious sweet mustard sauce. If the gammon is very salty, soak for 12 hours in cold water before cooking.

Ham Honey Glazed-2



± 3kg to 5kg ham

2 carrots

1 large onion, unpeeled, and root removed

2-4 cloves

2 – 3 sprigs parsley

5 peppercorns

1t mustard powder

1T brown sugar


1 cup apricot jam

1T prepared mustard

2T wine vinegar

1T oil


  1. Place the gammon in a pot, together with the carrots, onion, cloves, parsley, peppercorns, mustard powder and brown sugar, and cover with water.
  2. Bring to the boil, and simmer gently, allowing 30 minutes per 500g.
  3. Once cooked, remove from cooking liquid, remove outer skin, and return to cooking liquid. Allow to stand in the liquid until completely cooled before glazing. (The gammon can be cooked to this point up to two days prior to serving – store in the cooking liquid in the fridge to prevent drying out.)


  1. Preheat the oven to 170°C.
  2. Combine all glaze ingredients.
  3. With a sharp knife, score the gammon fat in a diamond pattern, placing a clove in the center of each diamond.
  4. Spoon half the glaze mixture over ham. Bake at 170°C for 30-45 minutes, or until the fat begins to brown.
  5. Spoon remaining glaze over ham just before serving.

Allow ± 250g of meat per person.