This pork can be served warm with rice, as a cold cut, or sliced over a salad. A quick and easy use for pork neck great for canapes, snacks and as an appetizer. Alternatively try the marinade on other cuts of pork, cut into long strips and roast  in a hot oven, a Kettlebraai or on the braai.



1/2 cup fermented red bean curd
3T soy sauce
1/3 cup rice wine (shao zing)
3T yellow bean sauce
1/2 cup hoi sin sauce
1/2 cup castor sugar
3 cloves garlic minced


1kg to ±3kg  pork neck
1/3 cup honey


  1. Mix all the marinade ingredients together.
  2. Cut the pork into strips ±4cm wide, then marinade for minimum 2 hours or overnight in the fridge.
  3. Preheat the oven to 240°C.
  4. Fit a cake rack over a baking dish filled with water, put the pork directly onto the rack and cook in the oven for 30 minutes (or cook on a kettlebraai).
  5. Remove pork from the oven.
  6. Heat the honey and brush it over the pork strips, then leave to cool.


Wickedfood Earth meat

All pork, lamb and beef, used in our recipes come from the Wickedfood Earth farm. Our  animals are all raised completely naturally, in a free-range environment, without the use of routine antibiotics and growth hormones or stimulants. Due to these natural farming practises, our animals take, on average, twice as long to reach maturity. This means that the muscles of the animals get to work, which ensures added flavour. It does also however mean that the meat quite often benefits from being cooked at lower temperatures for longer periods.

Wickedfood Earth encompasses:

  • A working farm  – our vegetable gardens are planted with a wide variety of naturally grown produce, we have an extensive fruit and berry orchard, and a wide variety of animals including pigs, indigenous sheep and cattle.
  • A Country Cooking School, – the commercial arm, offering cooking classes for both individuals and corporate groups, which ensures that the project is sustainable; and
  • A community upliftment training project, – where we are giving back to local communities in the form of skills training, from permaculture farming practises, through to cooking and processing. All products produced on the farm, and during training, are available for sale to clients at the Country Cooking School and Wickedfood Earth online market.

Should you wish to order a pork please contact Mike on 072 548-8814 or