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The quince is the sole member of the genus Cydonia in the family Rosaceae. It is a small deciduous tree that bears a pome fruit, similar in appearance to a pear, and bright golden-yellow when mature. Most varieties you can’t eat raw, only cooked. They cook up pink and have a wonderful sweet floral aroma.

Quince paste (also referred to as ‘Membrillo’ in Spain) is a dense, solid and sugary paste. Served typically sliced with a slice of Manchego Cheese to contrast and bring out the flavours of the cheese. Try it with goat cheese as well—or just put it out for breakfast in place of jam. Also great as a side jelly to pork, lamb and venison.

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At Wickedfood Earth Farm we bottle all excess fruit and vegetables at the peak of their ripeness. All our fruit and vegetables are grown along organic lines free of insecticides, fertilizers or any other poisons. We hand make a wide range of preserves, jams, chutneys, relishes, sauces and bottled fruit.

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