Collection of Vinegars


We offer a 4 pack collection of our different kinds of vinegar in two different sizes.



Wickedfood Earth Farm has been growing a selection of berries organically since we established our food gardens 10 years ago, including cape gooseberries, blackberries, youngberries, raspberries, mulberries and strawberries. We grow them in rich organic compost using no insecticides or artificial fertilisers. We harvest them at the peak of their ripeness to capture the very best of their flavour. What we don’t enjoy fresh, we turn into jams, preserves and vinegars. Our vinegars are a blend of crushed fruit with premium quality cider vinegar and sugar. Historically flavoured fruit vinegars were valued for their medicinal qualities, typically used to relieve coughs, fevers and colds.

At the cooking school, we use our fruit vinegars to:

  • Drizzle over vanilla ice cream – adds a depth of fruitiness and delicious flavour, seriously refreshing.
  • Deglaze cooking pans after sautéing lamb, venison or liver. It gives a fruity depth to the caramelised flavours in the pan. Mix in a few spoons of cream for a quick, thick, luxurious sauce.
  • Pour over ice then fill up with sparkling water.
  • Beat into a salad dressing with olive oil, a little salt and black pepper, and use to dress your favourite green salad. Especially with baby spinach and goat’s cheese salads.

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4 pack of 125ml, 4 pack of 250ml


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